Packaging of Steel Pipes

Steel pipe should be packaged in accordance with national standards and the requirements of the order contract. Generally, the package contents include (except for special requirements in the contract):

1) Sections with a diameter or thickness of less than 30 mm and thin plates with a thickness of less than 4 mm should be delivered in bundles. Each bundle should have the same batch number, and each bundle should hang at least two signs, indicating the manufacturer’s name, steel type, furnace (tank) number, specifications, etc.

2) Steel with a diameter or thickness equal to or greater than 30 mm can be delivered in bundles or in bundles. At least two signs shall be hung on each bundle of steel, and no seal shall be placed on the steel. Steel supplied in bundles must be stamped and marked on each steel or steel plate.

3) After packaged steel pipe, it should be painted according to relevant standards.

4) For steel pipe delivered in bundles, each bundle shall be fastened with iron wires in no less than two places.

5) The weight of each bundle shall not exceed 80 kg for manual handling and 5t for mechanical handling. With the consent of the buyer, the weight of each bundle shall not exceed 130 kg for manual handling and 10t for mechanical handling.

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